Never Too Late to Give Back

Written by:

Aubrey White, EDA Promotions Committee Member 

My name is Aubrey White and I am a member of the EDA Promotions Committee. I am originally from Maple Valley, WA and moved to Ellensburg in January 2008 to go to Central Washington University. Like a lot of college students that move from the west side it took me a while to grow accustomed to the small town feel of Ellensburg. Moving to a new city for the first time, away from family and friends, away from the familiar setting I had found myself in for 18 years was a bit unnerving to say the least but I was open to the new opportunities that laid ahead.

Now, let’s fast forward 3 years to when I’m graduating from Central Washington University… It took a little while to get settled but in my time at Central I had grown to love the town that I had once been weary of. I had made new friends, the Ellensburg community had made me feel welcome, and I was proud to say I had found a new home base. Living in a smaller town had helped me grow as a person and discover new hobbies that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind before. Hiking, camping, backpacking- seeing everything that Central Washington has to offer. Also, living in such a beautiful place made me want to travel and see the world while still having an amazing spot to come back to and call home.

(top of Rattlesnake Dance Trail)

(Sydney Australia, November 2016)

Looking back and seeing how much Ellensburg had helped me made me want to give back to it somehow. I researched some different volunteer opportunities and decided to join the EDA’s Promotions Committee. As of May 1, 2018 I will have been a member for a year and I wish I had joined YEARS ago! Being a member has allowed me to meet other individuals that share the same love of Ellensburg and others who want to see the town blossom. I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering for more downtown events and am a block captain which helps the EDA spread word of upcoming events to our community members and businesses. If my story says anything it should be that it’s never too late to give back to the community you love! If you’ve been looking for a way to give back to Ellensburg then please look into one of the EDA committee’s- there are options to fit everyone’s skill set, meetings that can easily fit into a busy schedule, and a huge opportunity to make a difference!