Volunteering: It’s Good for the Soul

Written by:

Dana Lind- EDA Board Member, City of Ellensburg

“I’m really busy, can’t you ask someone else?”

“I paid $30 bucks for my kid to join, what else do you want?”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Why should I help?”

Are these the types of questions that come to mind when someone asks you for help? If your answer is “YES” please consider the alternatives: watered down community events, fewer charity fundraisers, higher costs, less love, less kindness, loss of community spirit, the list goes on!

SAY YES! Get off your keister and volunteer! Even if you’re not asked. Acknowledge the need and give back. BE RARE!

Many people would help family and friends in times of need. How about helping a complete stranger? How about refusing to accept any compensation for your time? That’s kindness. This is how my parents have lived their lives. They are RARE.

NEVER! Walk by pretending not to notice that an event could use more volunteers or help. Contribute ideas or energy!

TRY THIS! Open a door for a stranger. Smile and greet everyone you meet. Return a grocery cart to the store. Help the coach pick up balls after practice. Defend someone’s right to their opinion even if you don’t agree. Helping others is a big part of living a fulfilled life.

DON’T! Stand outside of the fence enjoying the ‘free’ event. $upport what you like!

JOIN and/or give to a charitable club. Our local clubs need new members to stay alive.

It has been said that the most valuable thing we have is time. We get what we get and no one knows how much they have left. Unlike money that comes and goes, time just goes. Who will give their time away when there’s no tangible reward? Good people. That’s who.