Volunteer of the Month – November

Volunteer of the Month – November 

Cami Reinke 


Cami is a long time Ellensburg Downtown Association volunteer who has a special place in her heart for the holidays. We felt this would be a great time of year to celebrate her dedication to downtown and the programs we host annually. She also happens to be close personal friends with Mrs. Claus, so this Volunteer of the Month is a double hitter! Thank you, Cami, for sharing your holiday cheer with us each year. We appreciate you!

What is your Ellensburg story?

We moved here with our 5-year-old daughter when my husband was hired as KITTCOM’s Director in 1996.

How did you get involved with the Ellensburg Downtown Association?

In 2012 after stopping by the Chamber of Commerce to offer my help with Moments to Remember, I learned they wanted to transition responsibility for the celebration to the EDA. At the time, Carolyn [past Director]  and her part-time assistant didn’t have the capacity to take it on, but agreed to do so if I was willing to help, and I enthusiastically agreed!

What parts of Ellensburg do you enjoy? 

As a retired interior designer, I appreciate the town’s historical architecture, and have enjoyed watching the refurbishment of some of downtown’s hidden gems.

You are one of our most festive volunteers! If anything was possible, what would your ideal holiday party consist of?

A Victorian styled Christmas party in the old Ellensburg Hotel at 3rd and Main, similar to Fezziwig’s in A Christmas Carol, but with indoor plumbing!

We need an invitation to that!

What are your top three warm weather locations to escape the cold winter?

I don’t feel the need to escape. I love the beauty of our county’s winters especially when it snows.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who is on the fence about volunteering? 

Take a chance, and don’t give up until you find an organization that fits what you’re passionate about.

We know you are close personal friends with Mrs. Claus. Can we pass some questions for her through you?

Of course!

Hi, Mrs. Claus! How are things at the North Pole? 

Busy, busy, busy! Santa has everything well in hand. My job is to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

It’s a great honor to have you at Teddy Bear Tea each year. What is your favorite part of the event? 

Seeing all of the wonderful children in their fancy outfits! I’m honored they dress up for the occasion.

What do you love about downtown Ellensburg around the holiday season? 

I appreciate the effort made by business owners and their staff who create lovely and festive window displays for everyone in the community to enjoy!

I’m assuming the EDA is on Santa’s “nice” list, but can you put in a good word for us?

Santa loves everyone, and it breaks his heart if someone gets on the naughty list. With all the EDA does for the community, I don’t think you need to worry!


The holiday season is a great time to deepen your involvement in the community. If you are interested in volunteering for the Ellensburg Downtown Association, contact [email protected]