Volunteer of the Month – May

Volunteer of the Month – May

Cait Dalton

We are happy to feature Cait Dalton as our May Volunteer of the Month. Cait first got involved with the EDA as a Promotions Committee member and has since become the Committee Chair. Recently, Cait also joined the EDA’s Board of Directors. It seems even more fitting to feature Cait at this time, as she is also a wonderful mother to two adorable kiddos, and we want to wish her a happy Mother’s Day all month long!

What is your Ellensburg story?

I was born and raised in Ellensburg. I graduated from CWU. I never pictured staying in Ellensburg, but it happened that way and I am happy to be raising my family here. Ellensburg is a good place to raise a family.

How did you first hear about, or get involved with, the EDA?

I first heard about the EDA while I was designing for the Daily Record. The Hometown Holidays Publication was one of my favorite projects of the year. I knew I eventually would want to get involved. I reached out to Carolyn [EDA’s past Director] at the time, and she said I should start with a committee. So, I joined Promotions Committee in 2016.

You work at CWU, you volunteer, and you have a family. Why is volunteering still important to you when you already have such a full plate?

You have to invest in your community. Like I said before, Ellensburg is a great place to have a family. You have to keep supporting the events and businesses that bring families downtown. During Promotions Committee, when the meetings used to take place after work, my husband would have the kids and he would just let them run around while they waited for me. They love playing at the Pavilion. It’s important to invest in your community and it’s important to show my kids that. Things don’t just happen. You have to get involved.

What is your favorite part about volunteering?

Meeting people and being behind the scenes. It’s fun to know how things work and how things get done. Buskers is probably my favorite event to volunteer at. I like to see the reaction of the parents when we say all the kids activities are free, with a suggested donation, and the kids are so excited.

What is your favorite thing to do downtown with your family?

The Farmers Market is our go to. We will make a day of it! Get lunch at the market, then it usually involves a trip to Nerdcore and Central City Comics. We go to Claim for me. Maybe a stop at Pet Center.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

I would encourage anyone who is even slightly interested to get involved. The work of the EDA is important and it takes all different kinds of people with different lives and passions.

Thank you, Cait, for your dedication to downtown! We couldn’t do it without you.

If you are interested in volunteering for the EDA, contact Taylor at [email protected] or join us for our upcoming Volunteer Open House!

Written by Molly Jones-Kerchner, EDA Director