Volunteer of the Month- March

Written by Taylor Castillo, Public Relations Coordinator- Ellensburg Downtown Association

The March Volunteer of the Month is none other than Iron Horse Brewery’s, Aimee Bach! The EDA is happy to highlight Aimee this month and acknowledge her hard work not only on our Promotions Committee but for coordinating the beloved downtown event, St. Paddy Day Half K happening on March 16. I have had the pleasure of working with Aimee at Iron Horse Brewery where we were both servers at the pub. Believe it or not, we also grew up in the same town! So what has influenced Aimee to work in Ellensburg and volunteer with us at the EDA? Find out by reading the interview below!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Puyallup, WA… South Hill of Puyallup to be specific. My whole family resides on the west side, so Ellensburg is probably the farthest any of us has moved away from there.


What brought you to Ellensburg?

I came to Ellensburg for school. I went to Pierce Community College for my first two years in Puyallup and then finished my last two years at Central. I chose Central because it wasn’t too far away to where I couldn’t go home and visit family for a weekend or holiday, but just far enough to get some freedom. I studied Marketing Management and minored in Sports Business. I had a great experience at CWU, for the most part, which is what brought me to Ellensburg, but Iron Horse Brewery is what made me want to stay after graduation in June of 2017.


How did you get involved with the EDA?

After I finished school, I stayed in Ellensburg to work with Iron Horse’s Marketing Department. With the role that I took, community involvement is a part of that. Iron Horse plays a large role in downtown Ellensburg, so I like to stay informed and contribute to those efforts.


What are some of your favorite things about the Promotions Committee?

We have the creative freedom to promote downtown however we think would best benefit our community. Any and all ideas and opinions are encouraged to be shared. The possibilities are just about endless of what we can do (while staying financially responsible, of course), so it’s exciting to be part of the innovation and creative process. Also, it’s a fun group of people that I’ve gotten to know throughout this process.


Why do you think people should get involved?

I think people don’t realize how much change or input they can inflict on their community to make it what they want. We are all members of the downtown community if we’re investing time and money into it, so if we don’t like something about it or if we think we can make it better somehow, joining one of these awesome committees is a great way to do so.


How does volunteering blend with your job?

I am the Local Marketing & Events Coordinator for Iron Horse Brewery. IHB is always looking for ways to support our community, especially with non-profits, and being the Event Coordinator, fundraising goes hand-in-hand.

Speaking of that, on behalf of FISH Food Bank, Iron Horse is hosting the fifth annual St. Paddy’s Day Half K on Saturday, March 16th in the middle of downtown. We are continually fascinated by the number of people that come from all over the state to participate in such a ridiculous event in support of Kittitas County. This event is to showcase how amazing our community is by coming together as a team for our hungry neighbors in need. Let’s have a hell of a party. For more information, read the blog here.


Lastly, what is your favorite part about living here?

In October, I actually moved to Issaquah to live with my boyfriend, but I love the Ellensburg community so much I stayed working with Iron Horse Brewery and commute three days a week over and back over the pass. You can catch me in town most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I decided to stay working in Ellensburg because I love the small town vibes, the slow-pace living, and genuine community members. Also, #NoTraffic.