Volunteer of the Month- June

Renee Fyall – EDA Volunteer of the month – June

EDA Design Committee, D.Marie Interiors, and Collective Interiors

What is your Ellensburg story?

I grew up in Ellensburg and my family is well rooted in the valley, we homesteaded here in 1867 and has been farming ever since.  My maiden name is Bull – you may have heard of Bull road off of Mountain View or know my parents, Curtis and Luci. I went to Ellensburg High School and Graduated from Central Washington University with an interior design degree in 2007.

I moved away for a bit and when I came home I met the love of my life, Trevor Fyall, we began remodeling homes and got married in 2015, a year later we purchased a wallpaper business, D. Marie Interiors which I now have added my design services to, including project management.

How did you first hear about, or get involved with, the EDA?

I learned about the EDA through Megan West, the owner of Claim Clothing. And then I met Stephanie Castillo (current EDA president). I want to be involved in the Ellensburg Downtown and the community. I joined the design committee of the EDA a few months ago and have been hooked ever since.  I love what the EDA is doing for our little town.

You are opening a new business.  Tell me a little about it and where is it located.

My new business adventure is located at 215 East 4th – the old arcade building. The name of the business is Collective Interiors, where D. Marie will have an office. It is a collaboration of three interior designers basically space sharing a design studio. Our ideal customer is someone looking to add aesthetic and functional value to their home. I love doing kitchen remodels because we get to take a less than functional space and make it amazing. In the modern home, the kitchen is the center of attention and everyone tends to gather there. Kitchen remodeling has become my niche.

Why is volunteering still important to you when you already have such a full plate?

It’s important because I want to be involved. I feel as though I have something to offer with my design background. I feel I can make some improvements to the downtown. It’s also about honoring our historical importance of a thriving downtown core.

What is your favorite part about volunteering?

My favorite part about volunteering is the relationships that I have built with all of the other amazing volunteers working for our downtown.  Everybody has a unique story that is fun to get to know.

What is your favorite thing to do downtown?

Go out to dinner and listen to live music.  The social scene of Ellensburg Downtown is a blast.  It could also be coffee, or lunch, it’s just the opportunity to be social and connect with others.

What are your hopes and dreams for downtown Ellensburg?

My hopes and dreams are that the buildings can continue to be updated and utilized/filled to their full potential. I look around and see these amazing buildings that could be so much more with vibrant businesses and storefronts.

Where do you see the Ellensburg Downtown in 10 years from now?

Full storefronts, improved building aesthetic, and an opportunity to build an even stronger community.  Ellensburg rocks!