Volunteer of the Month – July

Volunteer of the Month – July 

Matt Stephens

Strong volunteers bring a skill set and/or connections to your organization that you might not otherwise posses. They bring things to the table, whether that be ideas or physical resources, that help to further the mission and serve the community.

This month’s Volunteer of the Month is Matt Stephens. Matt has been volunteering with the EDA for many years and has seen its programs and events develop first hand. He has been a member of the Buskers in the Burg Planning Committee since the event’s start in 2011 and is also active in Hoedown in the Downtown. Whenever we need sound equipment, lights, or entertainment… Matt’s our guy! In fact, he is the one you can thank for having the Dusty 45’s return to this year’s Hoedown, taking place on August 28.

Let’s all say it together:

1… 2… 3… THANKS MATT!

Matt arrived in Ellensburg from Lake Forest Park in 1987 to attend Central Washington University. He graduated with a degree in Economics and moved to Austin, TX, where he lived throughout the 1990’s. He moved back to Ellensburg in the early 2000’s to start his own business when he was recruited to serve on the Board of Directors by past Executive Director, Timothy Bishop. Timothy felt someone who owned a business downtown, owned a building downtown, or lived downtown would be a great fit. It just so happened that Matt checked all three of those boxes!

Matt has a bustling career and a wonderful family that keeps him plenty busy but he still finds volunteering to be important.

“I feel that volunteering can actually enhance your family life and career rather than compete with it,” said Matt.

When asked what Matt’s favorite thing to do downtown was, he responded with chasing his son, Spencer, around Gallery One during First Friday Art Walk. He loves Ellensburg for its people and he encourages those people to get involved!

“Try volunteering with something that you enjoy doing already,” said Matt.

Thank you, Matt, for your dedication, positive attitude, and helpful resources. We appreciate all that you have helped the EDA accomplish!

If you would like to volunteer for the EDA, please contact [email protected]