Volunteer of the Month -January

Volunteer of the Month – January

Aubrey White – Promotions Committee

On a crisp Thursday morning, I met with the Ellensburg Downtown Association’s first ever Volunteer of the Month at D&M Coffee. We caught up on the holidays and the excitement of the New Year ahead. She asked if she could buy me a tea, to which I declined. She would eventually buy me one anyway, though, because that is just the kind of person she is. The EDA has so many valuable volunteers that our Organization Committee is excited to highlight once a month moving forward, however, it seemed very fitting to kick off this new recognition program with someone like Aubrey White.

Where are you from?

I’m from Maple Valley and transplanted in Ellensburg.

What brought you to Ellensburg?

I started classes at Central in January of 2008. I double majored in Accounting and Business Administration.

How did you get involved with the EDA?

In May of 2016, I started a new job downtown with more regular hours. I wanted to utilize that and get involved in the community. I came to one of the EDA’s Volunteer Recruitment Round Tables and learned about all of the committees. That is when I decided that Promotions Committee was right for me.

What are some of your favorite things about Promotions Committee?

I like that we take something that is already there, like downtown or an event downtown, and make it better. Our monthly meetings are a gathering of different minds from different backgrounds. You get to hear from other people’s experience.

Why do you think people should get involved?

If you have lived in Ellensburg for a little while, and you love the town and want it to succeed, the EDA promotes that. You will also hear about what is happening throughout the community. People talk about how this is small town with nothing to do, but if you get involved you know what is happening and play a part in creating those things. You can’t live in a small town that needs its own support, and not support it.

How does volunteering blend with your job?

(Aubrey is a Sales Specialist at American Family Insurance)

Steve (Aubrey’s boss) does paid volunteer time, so I came in knowing I wanted to get involved, but it was nice to know my job supported that. It wasn’t until I moved to a job downtown that I realized how disconnected I was! Being downtown, walking around, seeing the people, and volunteering really helps you to be connected, which helps in my job. I also like to attend the Chamber’s Coffee Clubs, After Hours, or Women, Wine, & Whatever.

Lastly, what is your favorite part of living here?

I’m going to be cliché and say, the people. Coming from the west side where there isn’t a strong sense of community to Ellensburg where there is. A college student, to someone who is born and raised here, to a transplant… everyone is supportive and nice! Everyone knows someone. If you mention someone’s name in a totally different environment, someone is going to say they know them.

The EDA is proud to recognize Aubrey as our January Volunteer of the Month! If you are interested in volunteering with the EDA, please contact Taylor at [email protected].

Written by: 

Molly Jones, Executive Director EDA