Sunday Funday!

Written by: 

Morgan Arbuckle, Admin Assistant 

When I decided to stay in Ellensburg after attending CWU, I was asked the typical question “what’s in Ellensburg?” Well, the sole reason I decided to stay was because of what’s in Ellensburg. This small town has plenty of options to shop and dine while supporting local businesses. You can be an Ellensburg resident, or just someone passing through, and something is bound to interest you!

If you have ever been downtown on a Saturday morning, you will see the long lines at the coffee shops and 4th Avenue packed for the Ellensburg Farmers Market. The fun doesn’t need to stop there!  You can continue your explorations on Sunday Funday with downtown options.

I recently spoke with Hildi Youngblood, owner of Evolve Clothing and Jewelry, to discuss why she decided to implement Sunday hours with her new store location. Her shop now sits next to D&M Coffee on Pearl Street. D&M Coffee, Yarn Folk, Gard Vintners, and Mountain High Sports, as well as surrounding shops, have Sunday hours. Evolve is able to benefit from the foot traffic of people visiting other open businesses and provides another shopping option on Sunday.

You can start your Sunday with a D&M Coffee, go on a shopping spree at Evolve Clothing and Jewelry and Gallery One, and end at The Mule for cocktails and dinner. Check out this list of options to go work, play, and live.

There are numerous opportunities listed above for foodies, adult beverage enjoyers, adventure seekers, shopaholics, gamers, dog lovers, book worms, and crafty individuals. Foodies will devour the Hash Brown Omelet from the Wild huckleberry, with two layers of crispy hash brown stuffed with ham, German sausage, bacon, green peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese, topped with country gravy! Adult beverage enjoyers can find a nice glass of wine at BRIX Wine Bar and explore the many craft beers at Dark MoonAdventure seekers will visit Mountain High Sports for all their outdoor expedition needs or to sign up for a guided trip! Shopaholics can be found perusing Gallery-One and picking up items from Evolve Clothing and Jewelry. Gamers are destined to find their next board, card, and tabletop game at Central City Comics. Dog lovers will walk downtown with their trusty pup and stop by Ellensburg Pet Center for a treat and a cup of coffee from Monster Melts. Book Worms can find a new favorite read at Brick Road Books, and stop next door at the Palace Café for some sweet potato fries. Crafty individuals will be searching for antique finds at Hidden Treasures, and will be pleased by the welcoming community of Yarn Folk.

So, whether you are a shopaholic or an adventure seeker, something in downtown Ellensburg is waiting for you. My advice is to not be afraid to branch out and try a new restaurant, shop at a new store, and go meet your local business owners. They have their businesses open on Sunday for us to visit, and for that we should be thankful. Happy Sunday Funday-ing, y’all!