July 15, 5:30 p.m. – Learn the seven essentials of an eye catching and effective storefront with Seanette Corkill from Frontdoor Back. Seanette will join us for a public presentation at Hal Holmes. The presentation will provide tips and tricks for an attractive and profitable retail storefront. Topics include:

  • The 7 components that comprise an effective storefront
  • How building architecture and retail branding needs can work together
  • Signage best practices and common yet critical mistakes to avoid
  • Lighting as a marketing tool for both stores and the downtown as a whole
  • Color: choosing appropriate commercial hues and finishes.

July 16-17 – Don’t miss this opportunity to secure a personal consultation with an experienced design professional. Seanette will spend an hour with select store owners to provide customized solutions and feedback on issues such as:

  • Entrances, awnings, physical limitations, window displays, lighting and signage
  • Store layout, fixture placement, and customer circulation
  • Atmospherics: color, materials, lighting, merchandising

Those interested in the consultations will need to complete a brief application explaining why your store should be considered. There will be a small fee with the opportunity to apply for a portion of the funds back to use for changes suggested by Seanette.

See work samples and read more about Frontdoor Back on their website frontdoorback.com.