Stop and Smell the Roses

Written by:

Amy Kaiser- EDA Board Member and Design Committee Chair, Chamber of Commerce

We’ve all been there; you’re taking a stroll through downtown and you realize, “Wow, this is a really beautiful town!” My friends and family always comment on what a quaint town we have, but I don’t think they realize all the details making Ellensburg what it is. It’s a combination of stunning architecture, nice weather, friendly people, and most of all, the pride we have in keeping this town beautiful and welcoming.

Do you ever wonder who takes care of all the plants downtown? Well, just like most successful projects, it’s a team effort! The Ellensburg Downtown Association’s Design Committee, in collaboration with Ellensburg Floral, is responsible for choosing the flowers for the planters and getting them planted. The EDA maintains them throughout the summer and the City of Ellensburg does all of the watering. You’ll also notice several corners with green space, filled with stunning flowers and shrubs. These are maintained by sponsors, both individuals and businesses, who dedicate themselves to planting and maintaining their green space.

Ellensburg Downtown Association Volunteers

But there’s more to it than the plants! Cleanliness of sidewalks and public areas is critical to the overall beauty of Downtown Ellensburg. It’s one of those things that goes unnoticed unless it’s not being taken care of. The Ellensburg Downtown Association plans the Downtown Cleanup every year to maintain trees, sidewalks, and parking areas to keep our town stunning. It is always planned for the end of April, and this year it will be on April 22nd, Earth Day! This work couldn’t be done without the help of an army of volunteers, which includes community members, students from Ellensburg High School and CWU, and business owners.

(The new downtown bike racks are a project done by the EDA Design Committee. See an example of our planters in the background.)

So, the next time you’re walking downtown and realize what a lovely town you live in, consider giving back some of your time! You can help plant flowers in the planters, participate in Downtown Cleanup Day, or sponsor a green space. Even picking up litter on the way back to your car will make a difference. Let’s keep Ellensburg beautiful together!