Restaurant Month Bingo!

Written By: Taylor Villwock, Public Relations Coordinator

Restaurant Month has gone through some changes over the years, but one thing we realized is that our community appreciates is an experience.


The Ellensburg Downtown Association decided to sit down with restaurant owners including Blake from The Pearl, Mario from The Red Pickle, Sarah and Russell from The Mule, and Stephanie from Brix. Together, they came up with the fun addition, Restaurant Month Bingo, where customers could get a Bingo by visiting multiple restaurants downtown and experiencing something NEW!

Restaurant Month Bingo is a perfect opportunity to not only visit multiple restaurants but also try something on their menu that you wouldn’t typically order. You never know, you might find your new favorite spot AND menu item! There are also squares on the bingo cards such as, “buy merch at The Mule” or “ask Blake at The Pearl about skydiving” these tasks go beyond just ordering food and gets the customer to chat with business owners or add some local flair to their wardrobe. Whatever the task may be on the bingo card, there is always one thing that is for sure; just by simply playing the game, you are supporting our local businesses and generating economic growth in our small town. It’s also just a fun way to get out and about downtown. Not to mention, if you complete a Bingo, you get entered in to win a $10 gift card to EVERY participating location. That’s $150!



Restaurant Month may only be one month out of the year, but you can show your support for our local entrepreneurs every day. Bring a friend to your favorite lunch spot, follow your favorite coffee shop on social media, share upcoming events downtown and attend them. The list goes on and on. This is our home and our community. Show how much it means to you by getting out there and enjoying what our local business owners are offering.


B I N G O!!