Remembering 2017

Written by:

Molly Jones, Assistant Director

In October, I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with the EDA. It feels like much longer than that, but at the same time, it went by really quick! I started here as a part-time Admin Assistant and am now the full-time Assistant Director. My time with the EDA has been great, but 2017 specifically brought some really amazing things. To name a few:


How exciting is it that downtown Ellensburg was chosen as the host location for a conference bringing in 275+ Main Street enthusiasts and historic preservationists?! (hint: it’s VERY exciting!) It was a blast sharing our beautiful downtown with our friends and colleagues. Sessions were held all over downtown including the Kittitas County Historical Museum, the Liberty Theater, and the Elks Grand Ballroom. It was an amazing experience, but I’m definitely looking forward to attending (not hosting) the 2018 conference.


We formed relationships with many great volunteers this year. From interns to new board or committee members, it was wonderful getting to know more people in this community. One thing I love about this job is being able to meet someone new every day! When I graduated from CWU and decided to start a life in Ellensburg, one thing I knew I wanted to do was work closely with and for this community. The EDA has been the perfect vehicle for me to accomplish that.

Small business successes

Business has a natural ebb and flow. We feel the good times and hard times just as everyone else does. This year, we saw many of our local downtown businesses succeeding which truly warms my soul. My passion lies in helping small businesses. Whether that is assisting in the unpacking of holiday merchandise, promoting their events, helping to host events such as Holiday Girls Night Out, or simply referring a friend, I find joy in small businesses thriving. When you support small business, you are supporting someone’s dream. You are helping someone accomplish their goals, support themselves, their family, and the community! It’s a great feeling.

This list could go on and on as I am proud to be an EDA employee, making a change in this community with each passing day. In 2018, downtown as a whole will see more challenges, successes, bumps in the road, and great opportunities. Thank you all for supporting downtown Ellensburg.