Nosing through Downtown

Written by: 

Dakota Honeycutt, EDA Office Dog

It’s about time the staff at the EDA recognized my contributions. After all, I was practically raised in the office from the time I was a small pup of 2 months old. I’ll be three in June and other than a small stint of time when I couldn’t help but jump on anyone who came to visit me, I’ve been greeting people at the EDA office. I also get to enjoy a couple of days a week at Waggin’ Tails day camp, but that’s a story for another day.

Hanging out at the office is ok. My favorite visitor is Toby from the Daily Record. She delivers our paper and is always happy to see me. When mom takes me out on the town, I get to explore some of the great stores, smell all of the nice flowers, and get treats from some of my favorite people. We have a beautiful walk-able downtown and I am so lucky to live here. I also know how important it is to be a good dog. Mom picks up after my messes, I never jump on people, and I am friendly to other dogs I meet.


I do have few favorite stores to visit like Pet Center, of course. Daria and Randy are so nice to me, but one time I got in trouble with mom for shoplifting a cookie. Ok, it happened more than once, but mom and I sent an apology note to them and she paid for what I took. I also love to visit Ellensburg Floral. I remember the day when I was 7 months old and showed Dottie and Keira how I could jump all the way on the counter. I couldn’t understand why Keira freaked out, just because there was a counter full of wedding flowers. I didn’t break even one stem. I love the treats they give me there, too.

There are lots of other dogs downtown, like Modok at Central City Comics. He’s the most famous downtown dog and somewhat of a celebrity. Maybe someday I’ll be that famous.

The Farmer’s Market starts soon, but mom leaves me at home because there are too many people and other dogs and sometimes the ground gets too hot. I think that’s a good idea. Besides, I know she’ll be taking me on another hike up the ridge and that’s my favorite activity in Ellensburg.

Thanks for reading about my adventures in downtown Ellensburg. I am so lucky to live here.