Multiple Ways to Give Back: Partner with Your Downtown

Written By: Michele Bucklin, EDA Board Member

Do you wish you had more time?

This statement is a dilemma for most of us. Most everyone is passionate about downtown … beautiful planters, bike racks, benches, and of course wonderful events… just to name a few!

What does supporting the downtown mean to me and my family… shopping at Pearl Street Books…my first knitting class at yarn Folk (Ann is a saint) and of course Girl’s Night Out, and Relics! In addition to supporting the downtown through shopping local, volunteering is my passion. Volunteering is part of my DNA, my great-grandparents are Amish and after spending 30 years in Bellevue working with troubled youth, you can tell that volunteer work gives me a sense of purpose outside family.

We are all busy! For most with families, careers, elderly parents, and home chores there is little time for traditional volunteering. Most of us live our lives with good intentions of volunteering, but never drag our feet getting there. So… how does volunteering fit your life?

At the EDA we are working to bring a sense of Community to the Downtown through partnerships with like-minded people. Through these partnerships you will feel the difference YOU have made in the downtown each day. For as little as $100.00 per year, the equivalent of one Grande Latte per MONTH, your contribution will contribute to YOUR downtown. If you would like to become a partner in your downtown, please reach out to me Michele Bucklin, Treasurer of the EDA, or any other staff or board member.

Oh… and happy shopping!