Jazz in the Valley

Written By: Faith Mehal, PR Coordinator

With Jazz in the Valley coming up this weekend, it only seems fitting to talk about this well-established event, which brings people from all around the region into town.

Having grown up in this fun little town one would likely expect that I have had made my way down to Jazz in the Valley at least a few times in my life. However, this actually isn’t the case.  Up until last year the majority of my interactions with Jazz in the Valley were from the front desk at local hotels. Prior to working with the EDA, I worked at the front desk of the Holiday Inn Express. Jazz in the Valley is a busy weekend for all of the hotels in town, and I usually found myself working.

Last summer I began my work at the EDA, and received a few tickets to Jazz in the Valley, from our Director Carolyn Honeycutt. I used the passes she gave me to treat my sister and myself to a night out on the town.

More than Jazz

I am here to tell you, if you haven’t given this event a shot, you should! While the primary focus of this event is Jazz music, you can so much find more than just Jazz music! When I attended last year I was thrilled to find a whole variety of music, including swing, blues, soul, rock & roll, and more.

Inviting Atmosphere

There is something about being downtown at night, out in the warm summer evening air that soothes the soul. As things start to slow down, businesses close for the night, and the street lights turn on, creating an inviting warm glow through the streets.  Add the sound of soulful music to the mix, and you couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere.

If you choose to attend this year, I encourage you to walk around and explore different musicians and different venues, as each will have a different ambiance. With so many different venues and music styles Jazz in the Valley is the perfect environment for anything from a relaxing date night to an exciting night out with friends. Many of the venues also offer light snacks and beer or wine for those of legal drinking age.

Do yourself a favor this weekend, on July 28, 29, & 30, make some time to come downtown and check out this local favorite. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information about this event, including ticket prices and performance schedules visit http://www.jazzinthevalley.com/schedule.html