It’s Time to Get Creative!

Ellensburg Downtown Association Encourages Businesses to Plant in Planters in 2020.

This week would have contained Downtown Planter Day, a day we all know and love. On this day, the Ellensburg Downtown Association and volunteers fill 65 downtown planters with beautiful flowers.

2020 is looking a little different.

Unfortunately, due to the planters “non-essential” nature, we ran into several road blocks last month that ultimately led us to the difficult decision to skip summer 2020 of planting.

That being said, all hope is not lost!

For one summer only, we are encouraging businesses with planters outside of their location to get creative and plant something they would like to care for through the summer. We are excited at the vision of variety this will bring, and hope to gain fresh ideas for summer 2021 planter design. This is completely optional. There are some expectations if you choose to participate:

  1. The planters must only be filled with plants. They are not meant for signage, plastic accessories (such as pin wheels, action figures, etc.), or the promotion of your store. These are planters owned by the City of Ellensburg meant to increase beautification downtown.
  2. The plants in the planters must be real. I think we can all agree that plastic flowers just don’t pack the same punch. We have beautiful summer weather approaching to help living plants thrive!
  3. If you choose to participate, you will be responsible for the maintenance of the planter(s) that you fill. This includes watering, pruning, cleaning out trash, etc. Please only plant the amount of planters you feel you can maintain. (we are happy to share tips and advice on successfully maintaining the planters) You will also be responsible for the removal of the plants come early October.

We hope this will allow you to enjoy flowers outside of your business if you wish to do so, and provide some beautification for our community. We know many businesses already love to care for the planters each year helping to keep them watered, pruned, and more. We didn’t want to strip that joy away from you due of circumstances outside of our control.

Go forth and plant! (if you want) Share your planter progress on social media so we can share it, too. Thank you for your understanding during this time and please contact the Ellensburg Downtown Association staff with any questions.