Appreciation Celebration 2020

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Date(s) - Thursday, June 25, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Downtown Ellensburg


Same Appreciation Celebration you know and love, but with a 2020 twist. Enjoy awards and business recognition from the comfort of your own home. The Ellensburg Downtown Association will be hosting via Zoom to announce winners and give an update on what we’ve been up to this year.

Awards will be given out based on public vote. Nominations will open Friday, May 15, and close on Thursday, May 28. Nominate a business, group, or person for the following awards at the link below:

1. Legacy Award- This business, group, or person has shown a history (5 years or more) of outstanding contributions, commitment, and support of downtown Ellensburg. Their longevity in the community has enhanced the experience of those who live, work, and play downtown. You can always count on this award recipient for consistency, mentorship, and/or lending a helping hand and creative mind. Downtown wouldn’t be what it is today without the Legacy Award Winner.

2. Heart of Downtown Award- The Heart of Downtown award is given to recognize this business, person, or group’s efforts that positively affect how people feel about downtown Ellensburg. The Heart of Downtown recipient actively contributes to the welcoming atmosphere and overall appeal of downtown. They are the reason downtown feels like home to many.

3. Impact Award- This award is given to a business, group, or individual that has made a positive impact on the downtown core in the last 3 years. They arrived with passion in their heart and a vision for greatness. They filled a need that was left abandoned until they stepped up to the plate. While they haven’t been here long, it is somehow hard to envision downtown without this award recipient.

4. Beautiful Business Award- This award is given to a business that goes above and beyond to keep downtown beautiful. Whether that is renovating their space, going the extra mile with creative window displays, or planting flowers outside their door each spring, this business takes pride in being downtown.

5. Artist of the Year/Promoter of the Arts- Given to a business, person, or group for their contributions that have greatly enhanced the arts in downtown Ellensburg. This award recipient might have works of art throughout downtown, they might make an effort to bring art to the community in the form of hosting/playing music or open mic nights, or they may be your go-to spot for a crafting experience. Art comes in many forms thanks to this award recipient.

6. Downtown Visionary Award- This award goes to someone who refuses to take a backseat in the forward growth of downtown. Given to an individual who has shown outstanding investment in downtown through the renovation and preservation of a building or new construction in the last 3 years or less. (You may nominate a project you see happening in downtown if you don’t know the persons name. If you do know the person, please specify the project you are nominating them for.)

7. Rise to the Challenge Award- We’ve added this award to recognize the challenging times our businesses have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. While each and every business has shown us the great lengths they have gone to support our community, this is an opportunity for you to nominate one business you feel has rose to the challenge and positively adapted to keep moving forward. (Please explain why you feel this business is deserving of this award so we can share that with them!)

After nominations are gathered, voting will begin on Friday, May 29. Winners will be announced to the public during the Appreciation Celebration Zoom that will be shared to Facebook.

The Ellensburg Downtown Association will contact winners to set up the Zoom.