Ellensburg, Home to a Wildcat

Written By: Jena Blanchard, Summer Intern

I moved to Ellensburg just shy of two years ago. I became a Wildcat in pursuit to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. My mother is a CWU alumni and swore up and down that Ellensburg is a great place to live. Being from Snohomish, Washington, I was excited to relocate to another small town. The red brick buildings downtown helped me feel right at home here.

There is something incredibly special about attending school in Ellensburg. Not only is the campus gorgeous in all the seasons, but it is also only three blocks away from historic downtown Ellensburg. I have enjoyed living close to the university, but still being within walking distance to everything I  need to purchase downtown.

Love at First Sight

My first experience of downtown Ellensburg was Fall of 2015. I had a friend who was trying to convince me to attend CWU and offered to let me stay for a weekend. She took me out to eat at Ellensburg Pasta Company. The food was amazing and I enjoyed sitting outside getting to look around and observe the activity downtown. Next, we went to Blue Rock Saloon for their line dancing lessons and had a blast. I was very impressed by how much fun I had downtown and began to picture my life in Ellensburg.

Calling Ellensburg “Home”

I moved to Ellensburg in January 2016 and am very thankful to have made that decision. CWU has had such a positive impact on my life and a lot of that was due to the community surrounding the campus. I have currently relocated to living downtown and that has been quite the excitement. I love living next to all my favorite places to eat and all the shops that I cannot stay out of.

During spring, I began to do some research on where I would like to do an internship. I chose the EDA because I wanted to get more involved in downtown Ellensburg and community work. I wanted to experience making a difference in a small community and see how things run behind the scenes at a non-profit.

So far, I have enjoyed every moment of having the opportunity to be their summer intern. I appreciate seeing the hard work that goes into preserving the downtown and the amount of people willing to volunteer shows how valuable community support is. I look forward to the rest of summer here and continuing to meet new people that help make downtown Ellensburg come to life.