Ellensburg Eats

Written By: Jena Blanchard, EDA Intern 

            My favorite part of living in downtown Ellensburg is the food. Ellensburg is home to a variety of delicious local cuisine. Many of the restaurants are completely unique in their menus and atmospheres, creating a positive dining experience. I am excited to share a few highlights of my experiences dining downtown.

  Sugar Thai

I am not sure I can count the amount of times I have eaten at Sugar Thai. They have authentic Thai food that is wonderful. This place has become an instant favorite for me to eat at with friends or get takeout when in a hurry.

My first time at Sugar Thai was with a girlfriend of mine, Kimi. She had lived in Ellensburg about a year before me and could not wait to show me this place. I moved to Ellensburg in winter of 2016 and only eaten out downtown a couple times. Kimi suggested we have a girl’s night and go out to eat. We started our night with attending an event at Gallery One, then making our way to Sugar Thai.

Looking at the menu for the first time, they had so many great options that I was not sure what to get. I ended up getting the Pad Thai and to this day I still order it often. That was easily the best Pad Thai I have ever had. The brightly colored décor and authentic atmosphere makes Sugar Thai a fun place to eat. I would recommend it for a night in or out.

Yellow Church Cafe

The Yellow Church Café will always be a special place to me. My mother, Barbara, is a CWU Alum and used to eat there as a student. Upon deciding to enroll at Central, my mom and I visited Ellensburg for a night. She took me to eat at the Café for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Right away I fell in love with the charming décor and their cinnamon rolls. This experience helped me feel like I could call Ellensburg home.

On top of this being one of my first places to eat at downtown, it is also where I had the first date with my boyfriend, Monroe. We went there on an evening last November. I remember thinking how picture perfect the café looked with fresh snow beginning to fall. I ordered their sun-dried tomato linguine and Monroe ordered the New York steak. Both dishes were incredible, our server was very friendly and we felt comfortable there. We fondly look back on that evening and still enjoy dining at the cafe.

Grapes n Crepes

In April, I had one of my girlfriends, Brooklyn, visit me for an evening. We were driving downtown after a meeting and noticed the name of the restaurant “Grapes and Crepes”, two of our favorite things (wine and crepes). Brooklyn immediately hit the brakes and parked the car and we both got to experience this place for the first time.

We were impressed by how friendly the staff is and even other customers that wanted to interact with us. We sat at the bar and ordered a variety of food from the menu. We of course started off with wine while we decided what we wanted to eat. I got their spicy cod tacos and Caesar salad while Brooklyn ordered The Ridge crepe.

After dinner, we decided we were having such a great time that we ordered dessert. Their Nutella Crepe and Chocolate Stout Cake are to die for. I would recommend stopping by Grapes and Crepes for a fun place to try new things.

Fire and Smoke

In March of this year, my friend Corrine came to visit Monroe and I in Ellensburg. She asked if we could do a hike, so we took her to do Manastash Ridge. Anyone who has ever completed this hike knows it is quite to workout. Afterwards, we were so hungry we decided to eat out instead of making dinner, and I am so glad we did.

I had never been to Fire and Smoke, and Monroe suggested it because this is one of his favorite places to eat downtown. Barbeque sounded perfect after the hike. We all ordered pulled pork sandwiches and loved every bite of them. Their food has incredible flavor and the whole restaurant smells wonderful.

We had such a great time eating here and have been back several times. Their authentic southern barbeque is hard to stay away from, as well as their cornbread. If you have not been to Fire and Smoke yet, you are missing out. They are a great addition to downtown Ellensburg and we have enjoyed every visit.

Downtown Dining Variety

Downtown Ellensburg has so many options for any types of cuisine you could crave. These places not only leave you feeling satisfied, but also help create fun memories downtown. So much life happens when we can share food with friends. I hope you find all these places to eat as enjoyable as I have.

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