Downtown Superstar(s) – March

Galentine’s Shop Hop Crew, Pearl Street

Hildi Youngblood – Owner of Evolve Clothing & Jewelry

Megan West – Owner of Claim Clothing

Karen Bach – Tasting Room Manager of Gard Vintners

Riley Newman – Wine Club Manager of Gard Vintners

Rachel Crites – Owner of Pearl Street Optical

Matt Armstrong – Owner of Dark Moon Craft Beer

Christi Anderson – Business Manager of Three Winds Artisan Collective

Galentine’s Day, celebrated on February 13th, is a day to get together with the Gals in your life to show love and appreciation. It started as a joke from the sitcom Parks and Recreations when a character, Leslie Knope, suggested to leave the men at home to celebrate the women in your life. The “holiday” has grown over the past ten years since it debuted in 2010. While it all started as a joke, the celebration stuck around!

Six downtown Ellensburg businesses decided to celebrate Galentine’s day and worked together to plan the first annual Pearl Street Galentine’s Shop Hop this past February 13th! Together, Hildi, Megan, Karen, Riley, Rachel, Matt, and Christi, planned the successful event. Each location had specials and fun activities for Gals to enjoy! Every $10 that each individual spent earned them one entry into a gift basket filled with goodies from the six locations.

Linda Schantz wanted to nominate the Galentine’s Shop Hop crew for the Downtown Superstar(s) title, because she recognizes the hard work that businesses put into planning downtown events.

“I nominate the Galentine’s Shop Hop crew because they recognize that Valentine’s Day is not for everyone and that we should take a say to celebrate the Gals. Then it took effort to make it a retail, restaurant, fun event! It took planning, advertising and coordinating with each other,” explained Schantz.

Evolve Clothing & Jewelry, Claim Clothing, Gard Vintners, Pearl Street Optical, Dark Moon Craft Beer, and Three Winds Artisan Collective coming together to plan a event could be the start of other downtown businesses coordinating events together. Downtown Ellensburg is filled with one of a kind events, unique businesses, and passionate individuals.

Superstars bring life and vibrancy to our downtown, projecting kindness and love in our community, and the Galentine’s Shop Hop crew did just that. “It’s what makes our Downtown so special!! Caring about each other and making each other feel special!! Plus, it’s creative retailing. Good job merchants,” said Schantz.

Throughout March we have the privilege to showcase Hildi, Megan, Karen, Riley, Rachel, Matt, and Christi, for being the Superstars that they are.


Know an individual or a group that is deserving of the Downtown Superstar title? Nominations for our April Downtown Superstar can be sent to [email protected].