Downtown Superstar – September

Downtown Superstars – September

Abby and Sarah from The Mule Cocktail Bar.

We are happy to announce our Downtown Superstars for the month of September, Abby and Sarah. You may know them from The Mule Cocktail Bar, but we know them from so much more! Sarah has been an absolute rock star volunteer on the Hometown Holidays Committee, Equity Committee, and recently, the HalloWeek Committee. Sarah will see something she wishes to have happen and plays an active role in bringing it to life. She is a true example of what it means to be a small business owner in a community like ours.

Sarah will tell you that Abby keeps The Mule in tip top shape. In 2020, that is an even bigger job than ever before. The added responsibilities around the restaurant haven’t stopped Abby from getting further involved in downtown. She has brought valuable insight and creative ideas to the Equity Committee over the last several weeks. It’s no surprise that Abby would have a heart for creating welcoming spaces for all downtown, starting with The Mule Cocktail Bar.

Learn more about Abby and Sarah:

What is your Ellensburg Story? 

Abby came to Ellensburg in 2011 to attend Central Washington University and fell in love with the town. It felt like home and she never left. Abby met her wife at Central and since gotten married, bought a house, and started their family here in Eburg. When Sarah was ready to start her business adventure, Ellensburg just made sense. She had fallen in love with the small town and knew this was the right place for The Mule

What is your favorite part of owning and operating The Mule? 

Our favorite part is getting to know all of our guests who have turned into friends and family. We love providing a cozy and inclusive atmosphere for people to come together to enjoy our amazing cocktails and food.

With such busy schedules, why get involved with the Downtown Association? 
Honestly, we love the Ellensburg Downtown Association (EDA) and jumped at the chance to be involved. Our motto at The Mule is “where friends gather” and we love being able to work with the EDA to promote and improve downtown Ellensburg for everyone who lives in our amazing community.
When you are not working or volunteering, what do you enjoy doing? 
When we are not working?? Haha!
Sarah loves to hike and explore the outlying area of Ellensburg. Abby loves hiking as well and the two have been on many hiking adventures together. Abby’s favorite thing to do when she can escape The Mule is to hangout with her wife and kiddo at parks and home.
Top five recommendations off the menu… GO! 
Our mules, obviously! But we recommend our wings, all of our burgers are amazing, and our Taco Tuesday menu. From our specialty cocktail menu, we recommend the 4th Ave Sour with eggwhite and the flashover. It’s so hard to choose just 5 because our food and cocktail menus are delicious from top to bottom.
Now that we are all drooling with a craving for The Mule, we’d like to say thank you again to Sarah and Abby for all they bring to downtown!