Downtown Superstar – February

In 2020, the Ellensburg Downtown Association is expanding our Volunteer of the Month recognition program to feature any and all Downtown Superstars. Superstars bring life and vibrancy to our downtown, projecting kindness and love in our community. They make a difference whether that is rehabbing a building or planting flowers outside of their storefront. A Downtown Superstar’s impact is felt far and wide and would be missed it they were not around. Nominations for Downtown Superstar can be sent to [email protected].


Clay Maer, Gallery One

Clay Maer was nominated for Downtown Superstar by friend and colleague, Debby Douglas.

“She is gracious, knowledgeable, and unequivocally the quintessential hostess and ambassador of good will to those who enter Gallery One,” Douglas says of Clay.

Debbie came to Ellensburg in 2014 to teach at Central Washington University. Since leaving CWU, Debbie works part time at Maximus the Gym. She loves the walkability, “mom and pop” shops, and getting to know many of the people who live and work in our community.

Before moving to Ellensburg, Debbie spent time in Yakima where she met Clay Maer working at the Allied Arts Center. She was immediately drawn to Clay not only because of her welcoming smile and friendly greeting, but also her sense of style and her Virginia accent.

“Working with her felt like home, and more importantly, she was adept, intuitive, and helpful,” Douglas said.

When the Allied Arts Center was demolished, Debby and Clay went separate ways. Debby relocated to Ellensburg and naturally stopped into Gallery One. To her surprise, Clay Maer was behind the desk as charming and upbeat as ever.

“Her natural gift for hospitality is an immeasurable contribution not only to Gallery One but to the community it serves,” said Douglas.

We at the Ellensburg Downtown Association would like to thank Clay for bringing charm and warmth to our downtown. We have hosted many events at Gallery One and each time we enjoy the helpful and supportive nature of Clay. Stay tuned for more on Clay as the month progresses.