Downtown New Year’s Resolution Guide

Written by:

Molly Jones, Assistant Director 

So, it’s 2018. Chances are you have some New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that the average length someone sticks to their resolution is less than a few months? Did you know the most popular resolutions surround health, money, or self-care? Did you know that downtown Ellensburg has all the things you need to stick to your resolutions, not just for a month or two, but for years to come!? Get ready to toss out the excuses and jump into a new year, new you!

1. Health

First of all, downtown thinks you are beautiful just the way you are. If you are working on bettering yourself this year, we are right there with you. This is the number one most popular New Year’s Resolution every year. So why don’t people stick to it? Well, not everyone has downtown Ellensburg in their back pocket.

Photo credit: Maximus The Gym on Facebook.

Fitness: Starting a fitness routine can be a scary or intimidating process. Never fear! Places like Maximus The Gym, Empowered Fitness, Indigo Yoga and more are all here to help. Trained professionals helping you find what works will make this resolution much easier to tackle. Many gyms offer a couples discount if you sign up with a spouse, so make it a family resolution and get fit together! If you are looking for something that combines fitness, education, and charity check out the upcoming Charity Fitness Series taking place in the Elks Grand Ballroom starting January 16th. Another fun out-of-gym experience is The ReCycle Shop‘s indoor spin classes. If you are not the gym type and don’t enjoy classes, Mountain High Sports can get you fitted for outdoor recreation, even in this cold weather! Rent or buy outdoor gear and get moving.

Photo credit: Mountain High Sports, Inc. on Facebook.

Food: Health is all about creating a lifestyle. One where you can still enjoy things like date nights and getting drinks with the girls! Many downtown restaurants have menus online. Looking at them ahead of time makes it easier to stay on track and on budget. Many places are happy to help you stick to your gluten-free, vegan, Whole 30, etc. meal plans. Call ahead and check to see if they are able to do substitutions. Another helpful tip is to agree as a group that you will pass on bread, appetizers, and/or dessert. If one person gets it, you will all want to join in. Having accountability buddies is fun! As far as drinks go, try switching that Carmel Apple Martini out for a vodka tonic with lime. Something with less sugar will pack fewer calories. It will also minimize the effects of a potential hangover so you can wake up and get to the gym the next day. If you are trying to cook from home more often, check out Better Life Natural Foods located at 111 W 6th Ave. You’ll find natural and healthy ingredients for tasty meals and they will even help you special order something if they don’t have it.

Photo Credit: Dakota Cafe on Facebook.

2. Money

It’s no wonder people want to start the new year off by saving money. After the holidays, the most generous time of the year, we all tend to reel in the spending a little bit. Downtown Ellensburg has just what you need to ensure your finances are in order.

Banks: Maybe you want to save more, start funding your retirement, or buy a house in 2018! Banking downtown is not only convenient but you have plenty of options. Yakima Federal, Caldwell Banker, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Bank of the West, and Edward Jones are just some of the many choices. Find a complete list by following the Discover Downtown tab at the top of our website and selecting Live.

More bang for your buck: If you need to do some shopping, check out the after holiday sales! Stores are looking forward to switching out merchandise for the changing season and will be selling holiday stuff at a discount. Did your home feel less fab and more drab this year? Pick up some holiday décor on sale to save yourself money at the end of the year. You’ll feel extra good about the great deal you just received because you helped support a local business. Talk about bang for your buck! Downtown Ellensburg also has plenty of year-round events that are often free to the public or by small donation. Follow us on Facebook for what’s coming up!

3. Self-Care

This time of the year can be especially hard to feel upbeat and chipper. It is cold, dark, and we are all trying to find a routine again after all the holiday festivities. Self-care is important and downtown Ellensburg is here to help you kick off your resolution the right way.

Mental/physical health professionals: Downtown has an array of mental and physical health practitioners here to help you achieve optimal self-care in 2018. Check out Comprehensive Mental Health, Healing Touch Massage, or Revive just to name a few. More options can be found by following the Discover Downtown tab at the top of our website and selecting Live.

Music, art, window shopping: Sometimes all it takes is getting out of the house and doing some walking around. If you are trying to keep resolution #2 intact, do some window shopping (if you have proper self-control). Stop by a gallery and view some art! Follow your favorite bars and restaurants on social media so you can see when they will have live music (stick to the tips in resolution #1 and you’ll be just fine).

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution is, we wish you success! Just remember that downtown Ellensburg has your back. Go, you!