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Meet the Intern: Katie

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Katie, EDA Intern

My name is Katie, and I am a Senior at Central Washington University currently pursuing my degree in Public Relations. Originally from Kent, WA, I transferred from Green River Community College as a junior to complete my degree. At first, I was unsure of my decision to live in such a small town, but the people and charm turned my views around, and I am pleased to say I have fallen in love with the town of Ellensburg.

Downtown New Year’s Resolution Guide

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Molly Jones, Assistant Director 

So, it’s 2018. Chances are you have some New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that the average length someone sticks to their resolution is less than a few months? Did you know the most popular resolutions surround health, money, or self-care? Did you know that downtown Ellensburg has all the things you need to stick to your resolutions, not just for a month or two, but for years to come!? Get ready to toss out the excuses and jump into a new year, new you!