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Downtown Superstar – September

Downtown Superstars – September

Abby and Sarah from The Mule Cocktail Bar.

We are happy to announce our Downtown Superstars for the month of September, Abby and Sarah. You may know them from The Mule Cocktail Bar, but we know them from so much more! Sarah has been an absolute rock star volunteer on the Hometown Holidays Committee, Equity Committee, and recently, the HalloWeek Committee. Sarah will see something she wishes to have happen and plays an active role in bringing it to life. She is a true example of what it means to be a small business owner in a community like ours.

It’s Time to Get Creative!

Ellensburg Downtown Association Encourages Businesses to Plant in Planters in 2020.

This week would have contained Downtown Planter Day, a day we all know and love. On this day, the Ellensburg Downtown Association and volunteers fill 65 downtown planters with beautiful flowers.

2020 is looking a little different.

Stay Busy & Support Businesses


After multiple nights of my Netflix asking “Are you still watching?” I knew I needed more activities to keep me occupied. Are you searching for things to do to keep you occupied? Are you searching for ways to support your downtown businesses? I am here to help.