Business Stories

Tami Walton

Mountain High Sports, Inc.

105 E. 4th Avenue


Year & Month Opened Business:   September 1989


Why did you choose to open a business in Ellensburg? 

I moved to Ellensburg to attend school at CWU and fell in love with the area. When I graduated and began looking for jobs, it became clear that I would have to move out of the area to find a job in my field. Shortly after graduating, I was offered a teaching assistantship for graduate school, so I decided to stay and go back to school. After Grad school, I knew I needed to create my own job if I wanted to stay. That is how Mountain High was born.


What other downtown businesses do you frequent or partner with (if any)? 

Other than an occasional trip to Costco, I rarely shop out of town. We have everything in Ellensburg and it is so convenient to be able to do all your shopping within a few blocks. There is also something very special about shopping in businesses where you know the business owner, their family, and the staff and know that is who your purchase is supporting.

We have partnered with many of the other local businesses over the years for a variety of promotions and events.


What are some hobbies or activities outside work? 

Almost all of my free time is spent hiking, biking, running, skiing, snowshoeing, gardening, and cooking.  Ellensburg is a perfect place to live when those are your favorite things! There has been a recent influx of outdoor enthusiasts in this area and more and more outdoor opportunities are emerging. There are new mountain bike trails being constructed or recently built in the Manastash and Umptanum areas as well as the Naneum.  These trails are also great for running and hiking and will be perfect snowshoe trails in the winter. We also have what amounts to a small farm at my house with dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and bees. I’ve always loved animals and it’s fun and relaxing to come home to a little sanctuary.



The series “Northern Exposure” once contracted with us to use the store to film one of their episodes. Unfortunately, it was critical that there was snow outside and that did not happen, so they backed out at the last minute.