Burg Herd

The Ellensburg Downtown Association is proud to announce…

We imagine you might be scratching your head wondering what is “Burg Herd?” 


Well, listen up!

First and foremost, Burg Herd is a gathering of community members who’ve committed to financially supporting local Ellensburg downtown businesses. Inspired by flash mobs in which a group of people come together with a pre-choreographed dance or song and perform, Burg Herd is a cash mob! Burg Herd is designed to bring together community members and help a local business have a record-breaking sales day! Burg Herd is meant to boost local businesses by supporting them and provide a great opportunity to network with other local businesses/people within our community.


Members of Burg Herd will gather once a month to shop at a local business, inundating that business with an influx of sales for that day! Members will also experience the added benefit of social opportunities before or after the cash mob event.


What a typical Burg Herder will look like

A person who is passionate about supporting local businesses and committed to spending a minimum of $25 per month no matter what! 


This is where you fit in. To be successful, Burg Herd needs a minimum of 25 community members to commit to shopping and supporting local businesses by making a $25 purchase at the chosen local retailer. Your $25 commitment once per month can make a HUGE impact on a single business. Imagine…

25 individuals spend minimum $25 = $625 in sales for ONE business, in ONE day!

50 individuals spend minimum $25 = $1250 in sales for ONE business, in ONE day!

100 individuals spend minimum $25 = $2500 in sales for ONE business, in ONE day!


When will Burg Herd happen?

The first Burg Herd will launch Wednesday, April 1 and hosted every first Wednesday of the month after! Be ready! 


A different locally-owned retailer will be randomly selected each month. The chosen retailer and time will be announced on the day of the event via Facebook and blasted in an email to Burg Herd members! 


What is the benefit of being a Burg Herd member?

Simple – Supporting the local Ellensburg small business economy. 


Still not convinced? 

The main benefit aside, Burg Herd will provide social opportunities with gatherings before and/or after a cash mob event. It will give members opportunities to explore and be introduced to businesses, products, and unique items they may not realize they could buy locally. Some retailers may decide to offer exclusive sales or discounts during the event, while some may choose to host exclusive hours for the event.


Plus, when you are a Burg Herd member you’ll receive a punch card. Every time you participate in a Burg Herd you’ll get a punch on your card. Once your card is full you’ll be entered into a drawing for gift cards from the participating businesses from the last six months. There may also be raffles for special prizes and swag the day of the Burg Herd 😉


I’m in!

Sign up here:

And join the Facebook Group: Burg Herd

Once you sign up you will receive exclusive Burg Herd emails!

Don’t forget to get your friends to join!


Burg Herd – Shop Local.

You benefit. Businesses benefit. Everyone benefits.