Blooming Friendships at the Farmers Market

Written by:

Jonnie Crossland, Account Supervisor for Central Communication Agency at CWU

My job is one that makes me feel fulfilled.  Even though there are the days where it’s been a drag out week of school and I am running my internal gas gauge at zero, there’s a certain high I get from my work that keeps me going and restores my faith in the world.

I work for Elmview, assisting individuals with developmental disabilities.  Our goal is to get them out into the community. A lot of people equate this work with being a caregiver. One may be assuming right in a sense. We do provide care, but this is different. This is more.

(The Kittitas County Farmers Market is every Saturday, in May through October, from 9 am-1 pm.)

Our clients like to get out and do things. You might be thinking, “what does someone do if they are in a wheelchair or have a difficult time communicating with others?”

One of my favorite outings is the Kittitas County Farmers Market. It brings a joy to our clients like no other event. My first time experiencing the Farmers Market I took two clients out. One loves flowers and the other loves seeing all the beautiful (and tasty) offerings.

Sometimes when you go to farmers markets you can get lost in the crowd, but not in Ellensburg. My client wanted a flower arrangement, however, it didn’t fit her budget. She was a little sad as we had to put the flowers back. The art vendor next door to the flowers had overheard the exchange, and before we could get too far, my client had her bouquet of flowers. My second client came to the art vendor when we were visiting about the flowers and she found something she liked. The vendor graciously gave my other client her favorite art piece.

(Enjoy farm fresh produce, baked goods, local foods, and hand crafted art.)

Though it was such a simple gesture, it was a grand one and tells you a lot about the community that we live in. Needless to say, the Farmers Market is our favorite event. Not just because of the treatment we’ve received, but because we’ve felt a sense of community there.  Summer time in Ellensburg just can’t come soon enough.