Volunteers and Committees

Volunteering in your community can be a rewarding experience. The Ellensburg Downtown Association appreciates the time and talents donated by those who get involved. Get involved as a project leader, deliver information to merchants, assist at an event, or help plan an activity. Whatever your interests, we’ll find the opportunity to fit your life.

The EDA follows the National Main Street Center’s proven 4-point approach to downtown revitalization. A ten-person Board of Directors provides the framework for our work in downtown Ellensburg, and within the context of this program are active committees. Each committee (Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring), develops plans and strives to continuously improve and build on those plans, with the ultimate goal of a highly successful, historic downtown economic center. Join us in our journey.

Downtown Ellensburg Committees

2012 EDA Workplan

Organization Committee
Recruits and trains volunteers, promotes the EDA, develops fundraising activities.

  • Grow Ellensburg FallFest – Buskers in the Burg
  • Emphasize additional volunteer recruitment and volunteer development/training
  • Fundraising – grow partnerships and Main Street Tax Credit
  • Move EDA office to improve visibility and establish downtown information center
  • Increase communication of activities with downtown community

Committee Members:

  • Bill Yarwood, Central Washington University
  • Dianna Haberman, Hal Holmes Community Center
  • Sue Vertrees

  • Promotions Committee
    Markets the downtown and its businesses, strives to improve image and visibility.

    • Enhance EDA events to increase retail sales and visibility – Girls Nights Out, Hoedown in the Downtown, Halloween
    • Augment non-EDA events to increase retail sales and visibility – Moments to Remember, Bite of the Burg, BrewFest, WineFest, Jazz in the Valley, Spirit of the West, Rodeo, Film Festival
    • Harness and grow relationships between CWU campus and downtown
    • Create additional promotions that maximize major holidays (i.e. Christmas calendar)

    Committee Members:

    • Melissa Jensen, Chair, Ideal Company
    • Susan Wollen, Ellensburg WineWorks
    • Dottie Rogers, Ellensburg Floral and Gifts
    • Melina Meador, Kastle Music Studios
    • Melissa Woodworth, Puget Sound Energy
    • Chris Woodworth

    Economic Restructuring Committee
    Encourages entrepreneurship and studies the marketplace to recruit and retain businesses.

    • Develop GIS Mapping business/building inventory to provide tools for enhanced online business information for maps, market vacancies, and tourism promotion
    • Create new business/anniversary public acknowledgements
    • Continue NxLeveL Entrepreneur development courses
    • Education – identify needs of existing businesses and find ways to meet those needs

    Committee Members:

    • Dale Meador, Chair, Ideal Company
    • Mary Hubbard, Yakima Federal Savings & Loan
    • Jennifer Hackett, Manastash Mapping
    • Gary Jones, Central Valley Bank
    • Gordy Wollen, Yellow Church Cafe
    • Rusty Shaw, Shaw’s Furniture and Appliance
    • Lance Bailey, City of Ellensburg
    • Cynthia Lane, Bank of the West
    • Donny Christenson, Bank of the West

    Design Committee
    Capitalizes on physical assets of downtown, encouraging beautification projects and pedestrian friendliness.

    • Complete holiday lighting project
    • Purchase new street furniture (trash receptacles, benches, planters, smoking urns)
    • Banners for light poles to interstates and downtown (Director working with tourism and CWU committee)
    • Investigate ways to increase public art (working with Arts Commission, Gallery One)
    • Address highway gateways and beautification (in conjunction with banners)
    • Education/Workshops – Meet an Architect, Merchandising, Window Displays, Lighting

    Committee Members:

    • Jennifer Diaz, Chair, Puget Sound Energy Wild Horse Wind Facility
    • Austin Smith, local artist
    • Ken Camarata, KDF Architecture
    • David Wheeler, local historian
    • Matt Stephens, Mid State Appraisal
    • Monica Miller, Gallery One and City Arts Commission
    • Brittany Steward, Holiday Inn Express

    This is an overview of the major projects for 2012. Please contact the EDA for more details.